Winter / spring diving - Stoney Cove

Three members of SSAC braved it in the cold waters of Stoney Cove last weekend to start preparing for the up-coming diving season (rumour has it that spring will arrive sometime around mid July), brush off our kit and generally get wet - well not too wet, although I did see Lukasz wringing out his under-suit and Chris says that there is no such thing as dry gloves.  The water was a balmy 60C and it was only slightly warmer on land.  Visibilty was typical Stoney - bit green, but not too bad and the various attractions placed in the quarry for our entertainment were all still where we left them last time - apart from the Belinda which had definately moved - nothing to do with my navigation - honest!

Just to confuse everyone, here are some photos from a completely different trip to Stoney.  In case you haven't met our new treasurer - Will, he's the guy in the red drysuit.  He wasn't there last weekend.  The other guy is our equipment officer - Chris.  He was there last weekend.

IMG_0094.JPG IMG_0091.JPG