Two SSAC divers attend BSAC Wales Region Diver Progression Course

On a damp Sunday in September two SSAC divers headed down to Pembroke to go diving with BSAC Wales Region and get some of the Dive Leader open water modules signed off.  Fate was against us from the start.  The weather the previous week had not been great and upon arrival we learned that one RIB wasn't going to make it due to catastrophic trailer collapse.  Furthermore someone had decided to orgnise a half-marathon so the launching site and car park were heaving (& very wet).  Not to be deterred we were introduced to another student doing dive leader and two students working towards Sports Diver.  We set off in the one remaining RIB having had a quick battery charge & dropped the shot on the Dakotian.

Dropping down the shot, it soon became apparant that this was going to be a low visibility dive!  Oh well - torches were turned on & the bottom located by feel.  We then practised with a distance reel for a bit before getting on with the main objective of the dive - my mid water DSMP launch.  FIrst my instructor demonstrated.  Then I launched mine.  So far so good.  At this point my instructor took my SMB off me and handed me another to launch.  In for a penny in for a pound - up went my second SMB.  I was a bit surprised when I was then handed two SMB's (that makes three) & my instructor proceeded to launch a fourth!  At this point she seemed to have run out of SMB's so we continued our ascent.  Reeling in two SMB's togehter was fun - but then my two SMB's & the oher two SMB's decided to get tangled.  Oh well - it all got sorted out during the safety stop & we eventually surfaced with most of the line wound back mostly on the correct reels!  All good fun & excellent practise at bouyancy control whilst trying to concentrate on other matters.