Three members of SSAC complete the BSAC combined twinset and ADP course

At the start of June, three SSAC members sucessfully completed the BSAC twinset and accelerated decompression (ADP) course as the start of our voyage to be technical divers.  The club now has a small group of twinset divers and trips are being organised to visit slightly deeper wrecks and reefs (see upcoming post on the Plymouth trip).

Twinset diving gives an additional safety factor as divers carry two independent cylinders.  Think of it as a twin engined plane.  If one engine fails, you can still get home on the other engine.  This reduces divers reliance on their buddy, effeectively giving an additional layer of safety.

ADP allows divers to use up to Nitrox 50 for their bottom gas and up to 80% for their decompression gas.  The maximum oxygen partial pressure can also be increased to 1.6 bar when you are above 10 m depth.  All of this reduces the amount of time you need to spend in the shallows decompressing after a longer or deeper dive.  The focus of the training course is very much on good bouyancy control and a pre-requisite for the course is a gold standard on the bouyancy and trim workshop.