Superman joins an SSAC trip to The Red Sea

In March, seven SSAC members dived 8 sites from their Hurghada base on the Red Sea coast of Egypt.

Organised by Pete and Sue and diving with the Jasmin Diving Sports Center, we dived in a balmy 27 degrees, in clear water which included reef, drift and wall dives. We enjoyed seeing fabulous coral, shoals of multi coloured fish - including parrot and puffer fish, nudibranchs, rays and the highlights of the trip which were close encounters with both an Emporer Napoleon Wrasse and a rather large Octopus (thanks Turbo!).

The whole trip was great fun with a very friendly and lively group, wonderful food and a very comfortable hotel. Our team also included a Superman diver, which really added to the week. Not to mention the Elvis impersonations, disco moves and a seemingly constant supply of gin.

All in all, a great weeks diving in very good company.