Porth Ysgaden - SSAC's regular haunt

This coming year Mark Hammond plans to do less work as retirement looms closer (less work? some say its not possible). Any way as Baldrick would say “I have a cunning plan”. The plan is for Mark to spend more time at Porth Ysgaden during the spring/summer months which he will try and work around the tides, so what this means is that for those members who work shift patterns or have retired or just fancy a mid week dive we should be able to put something together whether it be a shore dive in the bay or if there are enough people we may even get the boat out, We could even do some training in the sea etc. The other part of the cunning plan is this, you know how the weather is uasally very good in the week and then breaks down at the weekend!! (cunning), there’s always tea and biscuits available if you are just passing - all are welcome.