Plymouth 2017

Thursday afternoon and ten divers from SSAC were setting off for Plymouth.  It is always a bit of a gamble; you book a place on a trip some nine months beforehand, so what will the weather be like on the weekend?  My previous trip to Plymouth had been completely blown out, but as we set out with blue sky above, things looked good.  As it happened, we had the warmest weekend of the year and the warmest consecutive period since 1994, the sea was a millpond for three days and the visibility was pretty good!

IMG_1323_0.JPG IMG_1321.JPG
Eddystone Lighthouse with blue sky and barely any swell - who could ask for better conditions The seeker, our boat for the weeeknd, moored off Mount Batten watersports centre

We were staying at the Mount Batten watersports centre which has the big advantage of being located right on the waterfront so the walk to the dive boat is about 25 m.  Trolleys are provided; particularly appreciated by those with hevy twinsets!  However, as with many such places, the rooms are quite small and airless and in the high temperatures were very hot at night.  Having a disco on the Friday night didn't help either!  But not to worry, we all got some sleep.

On Friday we were not diving until later in the day, so could have a leisurely breakfast & get all our kit sorted out.  Then it was onto the boat and away.  The plan was to dive HMS Scylla followed by the James Eagan Layne on Friday, the Hand Deeps followed by Eddystone Reef on Saturday and finish up with the Persier and Hillsea Point on Sunday - and that is exactly what we did!


DSC00290 (1)_0.JPG

Bollard covered in life: HMS Scylla If I hide in here, maybe you wont see me: JEL


DSC00323Mod (1).JPG

Life on the Hand Deeps Sharing a rock with a seaslug: Hand Deeps

DSC00349 (1)_0.JPG


This looks like a good spot to set up home: Persier Oi, clear off! Persier

On Saturday and Sunday we had early starts so were back in harbour by early afternoon.  That meant we could take the water taxi over to Plymouth on Saturday afternoon and explore the seafront before choosing a nice hostlry for dinner.  On Sunday, it was de-kit, pack up and head north, eabling us to get home at a reasonable hour.  All in all a very enjoyable trip and many thanks to Gary for organising it all.