Four SSAC members attend the BSAC Instructor Foundation Course

Four SSAC Sport Divers attended the BSAC Instructor Foundation Course in November 2016.  This is a two day course that introduces divers to teaching, both in the classroom and in water.  The course was held in Stroud and all four found the course very interesting and enjoyable.  We learned some tips for presenting and discovered that teaching under water is not as easy as it seems!

Since then, we have started to get involved in doing try dives and will be teaching on the next Ocean Diver course under the watchful eye of our open water instructors.  The IFC showed us that there is much to learn but the only way to do it is to start teaching.  Once we have mastered the art, the next steps are the theory and practical instructor exams after which we will be open water instructors.

Keeping a steady inflow of new instructors to the club is essential if the club is to keep up its training programme.  So come on all you other Sport Divers.  Sign up for the IFC.  Its great fun!