Early February Red Sea Liveaboard Trip

In early February a group of SSAC members went on a Red Sea Northern Reefs & Wrecks liveaboard trip. 

There was lots of life on the reefs and coral was in excellent condition, however some of the wrecks are deteriorating quite quickly now.   The top deck of the Thislegorm with the water tender has finally given way and holes are getting bigger and generally not looking good for this iconic wreck.

As always the food was excellent on our liveaboard and the staff very helpful 

The week was cold (early Feb) this caught a lot of divers out as the water temp was in the  low 20's centigrade as was the air temp.  As usual at this time of year there was a cold wind.  All the divers agreed that they would definately use dry suits next year. 

On the whole a great week.